About Us

USAFline is a small business dedicated to bringing interesting and useful United States Air Force (USAF) subjects to the market where they have so far been overlooked by mainstream manufacturers or have been out of production for some time.

We have a limited supply of products from other manufacturers and occasionally have kits for sale which are surplus to our requirements.

We help niche manufacturers research subjects and commission our own range of products from expert producers as well as using our own in-house design and mastering skills. We use a mixture of 3D CAD design and physical mastering as appropriate for the subject.

We focus on developing products in three main areas - models of air base structures and vehicles, aircraft accessories and decals.

The air base structures and vehicles range currently includes revetment walls in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/144 scale and the P-19 ARFF Crash truck. Models in this range are mainly resin but may also comprise cast and etched metal parts as necessary. Silk screen printed decals are included where appropriate.

We have many projects in development to enhance commonly available kits of USAF subjects!

The decals line is currently limited to 1/72 and include 18" Gunship Grey tail codes and serials, and 24" tailcodes in black, white and FS36622. This range will expand further and we intend to issue similar sheets in 1/48. We are also planning a range of specific decals for individual subjects.

As this is a “second job” for us, it can take some time for new products to be released so please keep an eye on our Facebook page where we provide the latest news!

We also have an eBay page

If you have a subject you think would fit in with our existing products, please get in touch with us at info@usafline.com.